Where should I spend my time promoting my business?

Most of the time the biggest concern is creating content that appeals and resonates with our ideal client. But, let’s take a step back real quick.

We can spend hours and hours of time and a lot of effort making good content, but if we’re not posting it where our ideal clients’ eyeballs are going, then what’s the point? Right?! Finding a platform to focus on based on your ideal client is key! It makes growing your audience of ideal clients easier! And when you have growth of ideal clients, you can create consistent income from people you actually want to work with! So, let’s take a look at a couple different platforms. 

Facebook is good if you…

  • Can create visually-catchy content
  • Are great at starting and continuing discussions
  • Your ideal client is around 50-65+

Instagram is good if you…

  • Have a more aesthetic brand 
  • Like to educate and entertain your audience
  • Have an ideal client around 18-30 years old

LinkedIn is good if you…

  • Have an ideal clients that has a bachelor’s or advanced degree
  • Have an ideal client around the ages of 36-55 years old
  • Like to deliver value by teaching something. 
  • Are in a more professional profession.
  • Have an ideal client that lives outside of the US. (70% of users are located outside of the United States) 

Now that you know where to place your quality content, you can get the most “bang for your buck” when you post! The biggest step in your marketing strategy is knowing who your ideal client is and where to go with your content to grow your audience! No more wasting time posting to platforms just to post to platforms! Post with confidence knowing that you are in the right place and that you are engaging with your ideal clients.

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