Tips To Boost Your IG Game

You’ve gotten the followers. You’ve posted the content and added the reels. Yet you keep asking yourself why your Instagram isn’t taking off the way it should be. 

Looking to boost your Instagram feed?  Let me help you! Peep these four tips that will help keep people interested in your content.  

  1. Use high quality photos – Think about when you scroll Instagram.  What posts do you read and pay attention to?  It’s probably the ones that use high quality photos.  Catching your follower’s eyes as they scroll through their feed also helps you grab their attention. Using high quality photos will help your followers interact more with your content.
  1. Utilize your highlights – If you’re going to put the work into making stories, you may as well reap the benefits! Save your stories to your highlights. This way they don’t expire after 24 hours and clients can see your post for days to come. 
  1. Optimize your bio – No one likes a boring bio. You want to be sure your bio keeps viewers engaged while also helping you connect with them. Think about your brand and your target audience.  Make sure your bio advertises your content well and appeals to your followers.
  1. Use fun stories for engagement – Most people like to share their opinions! Allow your followers to interact with your page by voting in polls or answering questions in your story. Getting them engaged in your stories will keep them scrolling for more. 

Need more help livening up your Instagram?  Book a call with me today and let me amplify your socials!

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