Increase Your Social Media Engagement With These 6 Simple Steps

You’ve spent hours planning out content, typing up the perfect caption, and deciding on the most effective hashtags… So why are your posts only getting a few likes and approximately zero comments? The almighty Instagram algorithm can make anyone’s head spin. This ever-changing process to get eyes on your content may feel impossible at times. Today, I’m covering six simple steps to boost your engagement and get more traction on your page. 

  1. Choose inviting and relatable content

Your audience and potential audience want to feel a connection to you and your content if they’re going to be following along with you. Choose topics that show off your personality and let people see what you have to offer. HINT: Show your own face in your posts and stories!

  1. Have a fun call to action

What are your reader’s next steps after reading your post? Giving your followers something actionable to do next will bring more attention to your business and website (or product) and therefore increase engagement with your content. Whether it’s a link to click to sign up for a free resource, an instant download, or a way to subscribe to your emails, having a call to action will add further interest and investment into your product!

  1.  Ask a question

Get your followers talking! Whether it’s related to your content or your personal life, posing a simple question in your caption or post can start up conversations between you and your followers! Having comments on your posts will boost engagement and give people an opportunity to connect with you.

  1. Send a personal message to new followers (no sales talk!) 

How many of you have been messaged from an old friend about a new product that you absolutely need to try? You can feel the salesy vibe coming straight at you (and it’s not a vibe you’re buying into) Whatever you do friends, do not send people cookie cutter messages immediately trying to pitch your product! Welcome them to your page, ask them a personal question, and give them some of your time before ever asking them to open their wallets!

  1. Engage with people who comment on your posts

Imagine you own a store front business… someone comes in to shop and they make a comment to you about your product, would you ignore them? I hope not! Treat people who comment on your posts like shoppers in your store or guests in your home! Responding to them, even with an emoji if needed, will go a long way!

  1. Comment on other people’s posts

Want to boost your own engagement? Engage with other content that resonates with you! Set aside some time to comment, like, share, or save posts that you connect with. This will lead to authentic conversations and promote other account followers to stop by your page too! 

There you have it! My six simple steps to boost engagement and grow your business! Not sure where to start or not enough time to fit this piece in? That’s where I come in! Book a call with me today and let’s make a plan together!

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