Choosing the Right Hashtags

The Key to IG Success 

Hashtags are like free advertising on Instagram, and you can use up to 30 for each post.  But which hashtags you choose matters! Here are the four different types of hashtags you need to know about before making your next post on Instagram:

  1. Too Big – You might think choosing hashtags that have over 500,000 posts would translate into more traffic to your page, but in reality they are too dense and your content will likely get lost in the mix.
  1. Too Small –  While using hashtags with under 10,000 posts may help your post rank higher, the truth is they are not popular enough to reach that many people.
  1. Banned – Hashtags sometimes get banned to keep content appropriate. So make sure to check all your hashtags, even the simplest, most innocent-looking ones, before using them. If you use a banned hashtag, IG will stop pushing out your content altogether.  
  1. The BEST – The most powerful and effective hashtags are the ones that have between 10,000-500,000 posts! They will give you the greatest reach.

It’s so important to do your research BEFORE posting to maximize the amount of people who will see your content. You are putting the time and energy into creating it, so why not make sure people can find it?!

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